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Virtual Lean Manufacturing certification course outline
Our virtual Lean Certification Program will equip participants with targeted technical and facilitation/team leadership competencies in lean Manufacturing and enterprise. The program includes 12 sessions and each session of 2Hrs spread over 6 Weeks of interactive, instructor-led sessions plus one on one online training, online quiz, and homework assignments in between sessions and coaching. Participants will learn how to apply each of the principles and tools of lean including, Lean Principles, 5S & 7 Wastes, Cycle time, Lead time, Takt Time, Load Chart & Line balancing, Push-Pull, Value added and Non- Value added, quick changeover, Just in time, One-piece flow, supermarket and Kanban system, Introduction to Value Stream Mapping (VSM), VSM Case study – Current and Future state Value Stream Mapping, Problem definition, 3W + 2H, Is-Is Not, 7 QC tools, Brain storming, Cause – Effect diagram & 5S Why analysis and Problem solving practical case study.
Certification requires the completion of a lean project to reinforce the learning and achieve real results. Upon completion of the program, students will receive a lean certificate (Certified Lean Practitioner).

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